Valparaíso: A City Built in Neverland

A few months ago, I could not have told you the name of a single street in the entire country of Chile.  I could make broad statements about the desert in the north, the mountains in the south, and a fertile wine growing valley surrounding the capital city in the center.  The intricacies of this skinny country were nothing more than abstractions of guidebook details. Continue reading

Escape (to) (from) Bahía Laguna Verde

coastline of valpo, vina

Detail:  Valparaiso in the distance as seen from Laguna Verde

This weekend the Llama and I indulged in a one night getaway in honor of Valentine’s Day. We packed our bags for Bahía Laguna Verde, about 14km (less than 9 miles) south of Valparaíso. Excited to explore new terrain, we pictured ourselves hiking on the coastline, reading on the beach, playing ukulele and relaxing by a campfire as we had done on many of our backyard adventures on the Oregon Coast or Northern California. While I hate to say our expectations were ill-met, I will say that the Llama and I once again heard the universe insisting that we drop our ideas of what comes next. Continue reading