Adventures in Atacama: Valle de Arcoiris

Of all the thrilling excursions and spectacular places we had heard about in the Atacama Desert, the Valle de Arcoiris wasn’t a hotspot that immediately captured my imagination. It was only by chance, on the flight from Santiago to Antofagasta, that the Llama read about a hike into the valley from the Sky Airline magazine.  We tore out the page, folded it up and stuffed it between the pages of the guidebook I often carried but rarely consulted.

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Mendoza: Wine Not Pictured

Travel is a roller-coaster.  If you’re doing it right, you spend more time at the top than at the bottom, but every ride has its share of ups and downs.  Back home, we talk about what a great time we had: “this restaurant was delicious,”  “that hostel was great,” “the experience was not to be missed.” Continue reading

Escape (to) (from) Bahía Laguna Verde

coastline of valpo, vina

Detail:  Valparaiso in the distance as seen from Laguna Verde

This weekend the Llama and I indulged in a one night getaway in honor of Valentine’s Day. We packed our bags for Bahía Laguna Verde, about 14km (less than 9 miles) south of Valparaíso. Excited to explore new terrain, we pictured ourselves hiking on the coastline, reading on the beach, playing ukulele and relaxing by a campfire as we had done on many of our backyard adventures on the Oregon Coast or Northern California. While I hate to say our expectations were ill-met, I will say that the Llama and I once again heard the universe insisting that we drop our ideas of what comes next. Continue reading