En Route to Mendoza: Midnight Border Crossing

What do you do when you’ve got to cross the border to refresh your 90 day Tourist Visa in Chile?  Why, you plan a magical trip to Mendoza, Argentina of course!  I foresaw wine tasting, mountain views galore, and the best Italian food found on this side of the Atlantic. Continue reading

Borrowing Bravery: Making Paella in Chile

espana (1 of 1)

A picture I took in 2008.  The pueblo is Pego, Spain.  The flat area in the upper left show the rice fields where  bomba rice is cultivated.  Finally, the Mediterranean looms in the distance.

Perhaps the souls of my other ancestors are floating around somewhere, disappointed that once again I’m going to write about Yaya.  I’ve been writing about Yaya since I knew how to write, and while it’s thanks to all of those who came before me that I was born in a wonderful country to wonderful parents, she gets 95% of the credit.  For having lived so long and loved so well, she lives large in my memory. Continue reading

An Alien in this Land

court on ocean walkway EDIT

Moving to a new country feels like a really stupid thing to do, sometimes.  I have felt incompetent, useless, and foolish.  I have felt out of my element, over my head, confused, frustrated, and irrationally upset about little things.  I complain more than I should, and sometimes it feels lonely.  My pessimistic moments have the power to turn into days, sometimes. Continue reading